HILIFE Cannabis Creative | Getting HI at The Marijuana Business Conference and Cannabist Awards
Marijuana Business Conference, Cannabist Awards
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Getting HI at The Marijuana Business Conference & The Cannabist Awards

CANNABIST Awards Banner

Getting HI at The Marijuana Business Conference & The Cannabist Awards

The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo had the biggest turnout ever this year, bringing together 10,000 attendees and over 300 vendors. And what better place to celebrate the recent marijuana election results than in Vegas, where they recently passed Question 2 approving recreational marijuana throughout the state.


The conference was massive and well-represented by many industry leaders and rising start-ups. Rooms upon rooms were packed with attendees dazzled over the newest cultivation technologies and modern packaging solutions. The theme of the conference fell heavy on cultivation. State-of-the-art equipment topped table after table in the expo. You couldn’t walk three steps before seeing a new industrial trimmer, freezer, lighting, or entire lab set-up.


There were many things to celebrate that week along with some panels and general attendees voicing their concerns about the president-elect’s newly appointed senior leadership positions. Even though 8 of the 9 marijuana measurements were approved, reports came out during the conference of Donald Trump’s Attorney General choice, among others. His choice, Senator Jeff Sessions, is known for his stance on marijuana, saying, “Good people don’t smoke weed,” which could mean real danger for the industry. However, even with this news, it was inspirational at least to see so many intelligent discussions surrounding cannabis legislation. Words of hope and success spread throughout the expo floor.


Next up, huge sponsored parties were all the rage at night. From roller derby, to 70s theme, to penthouse suites, the parties were thrown in true Vegas fashion. The Cannabist Awards didn’t skimp out, renting Chateau, the beautiful club inside the Paris Eiffel Tower. It was the second annual Cannabist Awards. The event celebrated world leaders in the modern marijuana space — the best in technology, sustainability, hemp, education, medical advancement, events, philanthropy and more. The marijuana industry map expanded by 7 states this election. These award ceremonies honor innovation, but they ultimately celebrate a movement that’s getting stronger each year.


Not only were we excited to showcase the Cannabist Award collateral we partnered with them for, but we were honored to be nominated for Top Marijuana Marketing Agency too! As this industry expands and continues its road to acceptance, the HILIFE team will continue to educate the masses and bring cannabis brands into the limelight through modern design and marketing. Regardless of who comes to power in the upcoming years, our industry has proven itself to be one tough driven machine which will remain active in the fight for its universal legalization.


See you next year, #MJBizCon!

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