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A call, now not an Echo was once issued in thousands of copies as an assault on Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the japanese Republican institution.

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Willkie was called on next. He enthusiastically endorsed everything that Lord Lothian and Lamont had said. Willkie went all out for war, maintaining that it was our duty to go to war at once to aid England. By this time, the plot was pretty clear to Taft. He realized that he had been invited to the Reid dinner for the purpose of ascertaining whether he were willing to pay the price to get the support of the secret kingmakers for the Republican nomination, namely, an all-out war declaration that would satisfy the New York banking interests and the British Ambassador.

On the chance that this program might be successful, the kingmakers were farsighted enough to have many pictures and a movie short made of it. After editing, the movie was shown in neighborhood movies all over the United States, and LIFE Magazine of April 22 featured a full page of pictures showing Willkie outsmarting all the intellectuals. The Willkie boom was engineered by top advertising executives from Madison Avenue public relations firms such as Young and Rubicam, J. 3 Working individually and collectively, these publicity men planted news articles in magazines and newspapers, stimulated petitions, chain letters, advertisements, telegrams and fund-raising, and started Willkie Clubs and Willkie Mailing Committees.

While piously condemning evil, they entered the bagnio with it, With holy airs, they prejudged the issues, and with piety — and a hope of patronage — they cried corruption while corrupting their own small souls. It was a sickening spectacle. ' On Wednesday all pretense of fairness was forsaken. On Monday the old rules of 1948 were bad. On Wednesday the bad old rules and precedents of 1948 were cited by the same people, and now they were good. The rule of seating Delegates in 1948 was lamentable on Monday.

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