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By Tom Piccirilli

ISBN-10: 0553587196

ISBN-13: 9780553587197

This lyrical story of evil, loss, and redemption is a beautiful addition to the Southern gothic culture of Flannery O’Connor and Harry Crews.

A Choir of in poor health Children is the startling tale of country Come, a decaying, swamp backwater that pulls the misplaced, ill-fated, and damned.

Since his mother’s disappearance and his father’s suicide, Thomas has cared for his 3 brothers—conjoined triplets with separate our bodies yet one shared brain—and the town’s in simple terms undefined, the Mill.

Because of his family’s prominence, Thomas is feared and revered by means of the superstitious swamp folks. Granny witches solid hexes whereas Thomas’s adolescence sweetheart drifts via his sensible a vengeful ghost and his ally, a reverend struggling with the ability of tongues, is triumph over with this curse as he attempts to warn of drawing close threat. All Thomas learns is that “the carnival is coming.”

Torn by way of accountability and rage, Thomas needs to face his tormented previous in addition to the mysterious forces surging towards town he loves and despises.

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