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By Dogan Ibrahim

This e-book is perfect for the engineer, technician, hobbyist and pupil who've wisdom of the fundamental rules of PIC microcontrollers and wish to increase extra complicated functions utilizing the 18F series.

The structure of the PIC 18FXXX sequence in addition to ordinary oscillator, reset, reminiscence, and input-output circuits is totally certain. After giving an advent to programming in C, the e-book describes the undertaking improvement cycle in complete, giving info of the method of modifying, compilation, errors dealing with, programming and using particular improvement instruments. the majority of the ebook supplies complete info of attempted and verified hands-on initiatives, similar to the 12C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS, SPI BUS and real-time working systems.

  • A transparent advent to the PIC 18FXXX microcontroller's architecture
  • 20 initiatives, together with constructing instant and sensor community functions, utilizing I2C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS and the SPI BUS, which offer the block and circuit diagram, software description in PDL, application directory and software description
  • Numerous examples of utilizing developmental instruments: simulators, in-circuit debuggers (especially ICD2) and emulators

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The chapter also provided an introduction to various number systems, and described how to convert a given number from one base into another. The important topics of floating point numbers and floating point arithmetic were also described with examples. 25 Exercises 1. What is a microcontroller? What is a microprocessor? Explain the main difference between a microprocessor and a microcontroller. 2. Identify some applications of microcontrollers around you. 3. Where would you use an EPROM memory?

Why is the current sink/source capability important in the specification of an output port pin? com CHAPTER 2 PIC18F Microcontroller Series PIC16-series microcontrollers have been around for many years. Although these are excellent general purpose microcontrollers, they have certain limitations. For example, the program and data memory capacities are limited, the stack is small, and the interrupt structure is primitive, all interrupt sources sharing the same interrupt vector. , and interfacing with such devices is not easy.

In addition, an external resistor and capacitor, an external clock source, and in some models internal oscillators can be used to provide clock pulses to the microcontroller. There are eight clock sources on the PIC18F452 microcontroller, selected by the configuration register CONFIG1H. 13: External reset circuit  High-speed crystal or ceramic resonator (HS)  High-speed crystal or ceramic resonator with PLL (HSPLL)  External clock with FOSC/4 on OSC2 (EC)  External clock with I/O on OSC2 (port RA6) (ECIO)  External resistor/capacitor with FOSC/4 output on OSC2 (RC)  External resistor/capacitor with I/O on OSC2 (port RA6) (RCIO) Crystal or Ceramic Resonator Operation The first several clock sources listed use an external crystal or ceramic resonator that is connected to the OSC1 and OSC2 pins.

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