Paul E. Minnis, Michael E. Whalen's Ancient Paquimé and the Casas Grandes World PDF

By Paul E. Minnis, Michael E. Whalen

Paquimé, the nice multistoried pre-Hispanic payment sometimes called Casas Grandes, used to be the heart of an old area with 1000's of comparable pals. It additionally participated in gigantic networks that stretched their hands via northwestern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. Paquimé is greatly one of an important and influential groups in historic northern Mexico and is a UNESCO international history website. Ancient Paquimé and the Casas Grandes World, edited by way of Paul E. Minnis and Michael E. Whalen, summarizes the 4 a long time of study because the Amerind starting place and Charles Di Peso released the result of the Joint Casas Grandes Expeditions in 1974.


The Joint Casas Grandes excursion published the intense nature of this web site: huge structure, giant ball courts, ritual mounds, over a ton of shell artifacts, countless numbers of skeletons of multicolored macaws and their pens, copper from west Mexico, and wealthy political and spiritual existence with Mesoamerican-related photographs and rituals. Paquimé was once no longer one sole group yet used to be surrounded by means of countless numbers of outlying villages within the quarter, indicating a area that sustained millions of population and motivated teams a lot farther afield.


In get together of the Amerind Foundation’s 70th anniversary, 16 students with direct and significant event in Casas Grandes archaeology current 9 chapters masking its economic climate, chronology, heritage, faith, local association, and significance. the 2 ultimate chapters research Paquimé in broader geographic views. This quantity sheds new gentle on Casas Grandes/Paquimé, an exceptional city well-adapted to its actual and financial setting that disappeared prior to Spanish contact.

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But before this colossal social transformation took place, people in northwest Chihuahua lived a lifestyle that had persisted for at least 400 years, which is known as the Viejo Period. This period is far from the beginning of human occupation in this area; Paleo points, extensive Archaic remains, the early agricultural site of Cerro Juanaqueña (Hard and Roney 1998), and an early pithouse period preceded Paquimé and can be seen as more distant precursors of the Chihuahua culture. Di Peso’s (1974, vols.

A Short Description of Paquimé Paquime is a remarkable community, much of which was revealed by JCGE’s research. Below are very brief descriptions of JCGE’s major excavation units. UNIT 1: MOUND OF THE PIT OVENS. Located at the north end of the site, this unit consists of 2 room blocks with about 10 rooms and 4 exceptionally large earthen ovens surround a mound composed in part of cooking debris from the ovens. UNIT 2: MOUND OF THE CROSS. A low cross shaped feature slightly less than 40 m in length with a low circular mound at the end of each cross arm.

During this period, Paquimé was a vibrant community influencing if not controlling hundreds of outlying communities. It is argued to have been heavily invested in long-distance trade. Di Peso believed that Paquimé was then destroyed in an epic attack that ended its role as a central community in the southern NW/SW. The authors of the following chapters discuss various aspects of this narrative in light of current research. 1. Aerial view of Paquimé before excavation, looking south (Courtesy of the Amerind Foundation).

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