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Military Badges and Insignia of worldwide warfare 2 e-book 2 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Blandford Press Серия: Blandford color sequence Язык: АнглийскийОбъём: 198 Формат: PDFРазмер: 28.39 Мб eighty five

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Pp. 47-52. 33 In 1994, Darfur was divided into three federal states within Sudan: Northern (Shamal), Southern (Janub), and Western (Gharb) Darfur. Northern Darfur's capital is Al Fashir; Southern Darfur's is Nyala; and West Darfur's is Geneina. 41 According to Human Rights Watch, hostilities broke out in West Darfur in 1998. The 1998 clashes were relatively minor, but more than 5000 from Masalit tribe were displaced. Clashes resumed in 1999 when nomadic herdsmen again moved south earlier than usual.

48 Figure 3: 3 Rainfall and conflicct correlatiion Suliiman, M. Th he conflict iin Darfur: resource r dim mension. pdf> [accesssed on 17 Ju uly 2012]. n anomaly between b thhe impact of o the draug ght of the midm The diagram also exposes an nd that of th he mid-19800s, which were w of meddium and severe intensiity respectiv vely, 1970s an but the latter l caused d far greateer social turrbulence (seee figure 1).. The droug ght of the 19 980s brought famine, dissplacement and armedd conflict onn a much laarger scale than that off the 1970s.

The tensions between different tribes and between nomads and sedentary communities over grazing rights, migratory routes and interactions along and across the sedentary/nomad frontier is not a new phenomenon but the scale of conflicts on land has increased due to the effect of climate change on land productivity, water resources and land tenure change. Range and pasture are the backbone of livestock production in the Sudan in general, and Darfur in particular. The growth of forage plants and grazing grasses undoubtedly depends on rainfall.

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