At the Top of the Grand Staircase : The Late Cretaceous of - download pdf or read online

By Alan L. Titus, Mark A. Loewen

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The Grand Staircase-Escalante nationwide Monument is the site of 1 of the best-known terrestrial files for the past due Cretaceous. earlier fieldwork proven the richness of the world, yet an important attempt all started within the new century has documented over 2,000 new vertebrate fossil websites, supplied new radiometric dates, and pointed out 5 new genera of ceratopsids, new species of hadrosaur, a likely new genus of hypsilophodontid, new pachycephalosaurs and ankylosaurs, numerous forms of theropods (including a brand new genus of oviraptor
and a brand new tyrannosaur), plus the main entire specimen of a overdue Cretaceous therizinosaur ever accrued from North the US, and masses extra. The study documented during this publication is rewriting our realizing of past due Cretaceous paleobiogeography and dinosaur phyletics. on the most sensible of the Grand Staircase: The past due Cretaceous of Southern Utah is an incredible stepping stone towards a complete synthesis of the ecology and evolution of the past due Cretaceous ecosystems of western North the US.

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West of the Markagunt Plateau, equivalent strata are found in the lower part of the Iron Springs Formation (Eaton, 1999). In the Kaiparowits Basin, the Dakota Formation is relatively thin (<60 m), highly variable in thickness, and has a general thinning to the east trend. Syndepositional movement of crustal blocks within the Kaiparowits Basin area strongly controlled lateral facies variability, thickness of the formation, and diachroneity of the upper contact with the Tropic Shale (Gustason, 1989; Titus, 2002).

Ammonites and inoceramids have demonstrated that in the Kaiparowits Basin the upper member’s lower portion is within the Calycoceras canitaurinum and Dunveganoceras problematicum ammonoid biozones (Ulicˇný, 1999; Titus, 2002), and the upper portion in the Dunveganoceras conditum–Metoicoceras mosbyense ammonoid biozone. , between the East Kaibab Monocline and the Echo Cliffs Monocline), the uppermost beds of the Dakota range as high as the Vascoceras diartianum ammonite biozone (Titus, 2002) and yield large specimens of the ammonite Calycoceras cf.

7), and the lower three can also be recognized on the Paunsaugunt and Markagunt plateaus. The lowest complete cyclic package encompasses the Dakota and Tropic formations and the lower two members of the Straight Cliffs Formation (Tibbet Canyon and Smoky Hollow). The second cycle is entirely within the upper two members of the Straight Cliffs Formation (John Henry and Drip Tank members), the third is the Wahweap Formation in its entirety, and the fourth is the Kaiparowits Formation in its entirety.

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